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9other text editors- i was too noob to make it work tried to modify sublime text 3 and Atom to mimic intellisense's functionality, and some people suggested using Clang or Ctags could work, but I was simply not skilled enough to do it. And now, here I am, spent enough time to buy myself more than one licenses if I was doing my real job.So I decided to write this post to prevent other unfortunate souls like myself to waste more time on this thing.

Intelli Sense is one of my favorite features of Visual Studio, and increase productivity for experienced and new developers. To see the changes to Intelli Sense, first I started a Win Forms C# project and dropped a Flex Grid control on the form.3.reinstall unreal engine- doesn't work 4.reinstall visual studio- doesn't work 5.compile unreal engine from source- doesn't work and it took so god **** long.6.update Windows- doesn't work 7.reinstall windows AND unreal engine AND visual studio- doesn't work 8Qtcreator instead- it works! as suggested by wiki, implemented with Alpha N's project generation tool. If the code completion does not work, try to rebuild the project.For more information, you can refer to the Modifying Project Properties section. This is done by opening the solution explorer, invoking the context menu of the project and activating the item Update Intellisense.

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