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After more than a decade, the coalition effort here is so vast that it can’t be fed by air alone.

Every convoy is a pulse of lifeblood to the forward operating bases and combat outposts they reach. “Whatever stands in our way we will overcome and complete the mission.

Their path to FOB Warrior takes them over the poverty-stricken streets of Kabul, and through shattered villages that look like post-apocalyptic backgrounds in a Mad Max movie.

Once outside the main urban hubs, however, the countryside seems serene, even picturesque in places, but unless something drastic happens, they will remain encapsulated in their machines like astronauts, scanning every square inch around them for any tiny sign of trouble.

It’s the 1086’s job to ensure all that vital cargo safely reaches the soldiers in the field. We are the cream of the crop.” Each mine resistant ambush protected vehicle is a fortress in and of itself, complete with powerful weapons, life support systems, and the latest surveillance technology.

One after another of them breaks down during the trip to FOB Warrior.

After two nights of methodical trucking the convoy finally pulls into FOB Warrior just as the first pale light is coating the horizon.

Once their cargo is downloaded, the soldiers of the 1086th wearily sack out on any cot or floor space they can find in the transient tents for the day, and then mount up as it gets dark again to begin the return trip.

Inside ride a truck commander, a gunner, and a driver who are encased in their own armored plating from head to toe – shells within a shell.

The extreme precautions are vital, as the roads they travel are plagued with the number one threat to soldiers in this war – improvised explosive devices.

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