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The borrower is normally charged the cost of repair or replacement.

In digital imaging, a number of compression methods are used, including JPEG, GIF, and LZW.Click here to see a copy of the first printed edition of Marsilio of Padua's A visible stain, often in a shade of gray or tan, found on the covers or leaves of a book, caused by exposure to moisture, water, or some other liquid (see this example).When minimal, it is tolerated by collectors in the absence of mildew in very old, scarce books, but its presence lowers the monetary value of the item.Most databases used in libraries are catalogs, periodical indexes, abstracting services, and full-text reference resources leased annually under licensing agreements that limit access to registered borrowers and library staff.Abbreviated A computer application designed to control the storage, retrieval, security, integrity, and reporting of data in the form of uniform records organized in a large searchable file called a database.

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Compression algorithms are classified as lossless or lossy, depending on whether data is lost in compression.

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