My white daughter dating black man

In another extraordinary twist, it emerged that the recipient had also married the donor's former wife.So can elements of a person's character - or even their soul - be transplanted along with a heart?My surgeon, Mr John Baldwin, would remain with me, ready to begin the operation as soon as he was notified that the donor's heart and lungs had been removed.But by this time I was far too groggy to focus on these details, which was probably just as well. Eventually, Mr Baldwin said to me: "We're going to put you under now, Claire.I am a female employee in my late 20s working for a large Fortune 500 U. One day a couple weeks ago, my boss was talking as usual about how his daughter is very attractive and wants to start dating. My boss is in his early 40s and is a father of two. My boss often tells me, totally unsolicited, that his daughter is “very attractive,” a “perfect tall blonde,” and “so beautiful.” He says boys are fawning over her and she wants to start dating.

With all my fears, though, I was just grateful to be alive.She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in Maine.Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery: she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.When I told Gail Eddy - the transplant programme co-ordinator - how I felt, she suggested writing to the donor's family to express my gratitude.While I couldn't know their identity or give them my name, I knew my donor was an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident.

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"I have to remind you that it is always possible that something could go wrong, and the organs don't arrive in good condition.

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