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Nanovectors engineered for plasma enhanced theranostics in regenerative medicine Main information Project type: M-ERA.

NET (ERA-NET for materials research and innovation) in the Horizon 2020 framework Reference number: ID347640 Unisono Agreement number: UMO-2016/22/Z/ST8Start Date: 2017-08-01 End Date: 2020-07-31Duration: 36 months Budget:• 1 445 868 Euro for Consortium• 577930 PLN for LUTReimbursement rate: 100% of the action's eligible costs List of participants: Project description In the PNANO4BONE project, novel nanovectors engineered for plasma enhanced theranostics in bone tissue regeneration will be dispersed in polymer-based implantable scaffolds to favor the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of living cells into the scaffold.

In view of these limitations, fluorescence labeling is used as a primary approach to investigate the interactions between cells and polymeric scaffolds.

The fluorescence dyes are bounded to corresponding molecules in the cells through chemical reactions or physical adsorption.

Unfortunately, these approaches cannot reveal the morphology relationship between cells and scaffolds, making it difficult to study cell responses to specific stimulations applied by the scaffolds or the environment.

SEM provides a powerful tool to unveil cell morphological responses in three-dimensional formats.

In order to generate short lifetime reactive species from long lifetime ones generated by plasma, the novel nanovectors will have catalytic abilities operating in physiological conditions.

The multifunctional nanovectors will also allow a better following of regenerative processes with fluorescent probes aiming to detect dead or differentiated stem cells and will improve the mechanical properties of the scaffold.

Post-culture SBB treatment also disrupts intracellular structures and leads to reduced fluorescence intensity of the targets of interest.

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In this study, we introduce pre-culture SBB treatment to suppress autofluorescence, where SBB is applied to polymeric scaffold materials before cell seeding.

The results show that the autofluorescence signals emitted from polycaprolactone (PCL) scaffolds in three commonly used fluorescence channels effectively decrease without diminishing the fluorescence signals emitted from the cells.

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Nonetheless, SEM requires a fairly complicated and lengthy sample preparation process.

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