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Recently, the people of Rosario created what some call the longest flag in the world.

This flag, carried by people from Rosario, also makes an appearance in the parade.

Argentine politician and revolutionary military leader, Manuel Belgrano (1770-1820) designed the flag itself.

He based the design on the cockade of Argentina that he created in 1812, a circular logo similar to the Argentine flag with a light blue circular band following its perimeter, a white inner band of the same width and a light blue dot in the middle creating bull’s-eye looking image.

Juan de Dios Tupac Amaru (1760-1843), a Peruvian descendant of Incan nobility, designed The Sun of May, which pays tribute to the Incan sun god Inti.

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The sun, named el sol de mayo (the sun of May) after Argentina’s May revolution, which eventually lead to the nation’s independence from Spain, is a national emblem.

Argentine coinage dating back to 1813 has an image of the same sun, as does the Uruguayan flag (differing only in the amount of rays), and early versions of the Peruvian flag.

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