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Korigen: The Inhalation and Ingestion toxicities calculated by KORIGEN should be multiplied by the factor 3e-4 in order to get the toxicities in Sieverts. Technological developments are described in a series of articles ranging from space radiation biophysics and health care to archaeological dating, forensics and cultural heritage. The spectra remain stored during the seesion until the user logs off.This was only be done for the top 10 nuclides or elements: now it is done for all the 20 nuclides or elements An extended version of Korigen is also deployed, which displays the data of all nuclides (up to 800) and elements (up to 80) produced by the KORIGEN code. The group led by Sigurd Hofman at the centre for Heavy Ion Research at Darmstadt (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, GSI) has just proposed the name "copernicium" for element 112 discovered in 1996. For further information on the book, see Flyer To celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2008, a special one-day event was organised by ITU on 9th Dec. Users have been having problems with access to the Nucleonica wiki (see FAQs on this subject).The contract will cover the development of various web applications (web-based Karlsruhe nuclide chart with full editing features, web-based energy level diagrams, web-based KNC database, etc.) and the facility to generate high definition nuclide chart files which can be printed as fold-out charts, wall-charts and 'roll' charts, as well as technical meetings with the ITU KNC team. action=app.tender&id=283&institute=2 Nucleonica's web KORIGEN module has now been released for general use and testing. A number of Nucleonica applications have now been released for general use.web KORIGEN module is a user friendly web-based version of the KORIGEN code. These include: • Multiple interactive nuclide charts • Decay engine • Dosimetry & shielding • Fission yields • Nuclide mixtures • Nucleonica Wiki • My last nuclides, my nuclide mixtures, my alerts The Nucleonca team looks forward to your feedback on these applications.Element 118 - Uuo - is added as a rare gas on the Z-axis.For BE in isomer boxes, only a 4 digit precision is kept and the unit is suppressed.A new user called Free has also been added to Users table in order to track non logged users when using UNC and NRA.Nuclear News cache: Display Nucle change to store in the rss_cache folder a new file called

Conversion is made, using a given distance from the source (100 cm by default) and the Equivalent Dose Rate Constant (µSv/m²/MBq/h) in vacuum. In addition to the Specific Gamma Dose Rate calculated at 1 m in air, the Equivalent Dose Rate Constant in vacuum is now available as nuclide property.Gamma Spectrometry course Statistics tab contains statistics for new modules like UNC, NRA and Cambio.A new table called Statistics1 have been added to the Personal database.This mean that the problem with the News has been solved.That when there is a breakdown in the web crawler, we dispaly the new from a buffer.

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This data is also shown in the Nuclide box as an application logo.

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