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'I found the whole celebrity thing difficult to handle.I felt exposed by it all – I was very self-critical,' said Andrea Corr (centre on couch) - the youngest member of The Corrs (also pictured l-r Jim, Sharon and Caroline Corr)Ten years ago, The Corrs had it all.We would have rows; there would be lots of shouting and screaming.Some families don’t survive working together,' said Sharon Earlier this year, within three months of returning to the studio, the siblings were on a plane to be at their father Gerry’s bedside. Six months on it is visibly painful for them to talk about.” I was a little shocked and, as I was thinking what to say, she then told me that her friend told her that “the boy and girl have to have sex”.She then became shy about it and didn’t say any more.‘My parents were so proud of the music we made and when we lost my mother, my father had us and he had the music.I think he wanted us to get back together and he was thrilled when we did it,' said Jim The Corrs are Irish music royalty: their parents were musicians, playing in a band called The Sound Affair in the Seventies, and Andrea was just 16 when the fledgling group started performing in Dublin’s bars and pubs.

ANSWER Most parents find talking about sex to their children a delicate subject to get right and, frequently, like yourself, they are caught off guard with a question they are unsure how to answer.I changed the subject and asked her how her friend could think she would know about these things.She told me her friend had heard it from an older sister.Though you feel that you may not have handled it well, it is good that your daughter came to you to talk about what she heard from her friend.Often children get misinformation from their peers about sex but don’t check this out with reliable sources such as their parents.

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