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Women (of all classes) brought up in the pre- and post-war years ate in moderation, because that was the norm.Now, fast food and fizzy drinks make some of the ladies at Aintree look as if they’ve been on the pies and chips since conception.Despite it being a chilly, grey April morning, their spilling cleavages, dimpled knees and flashing thighs spoke of sex, sun and sleaze. Towering heels hoicked those magnificent melons right next to his nose. Then, svelte suits (or costumes, as they were called) topped with fur stoles showed Parisian chic. In my Liverpool Fifties childhood, working women like my mother, grandmother and aunties dressed carefully, wanting to look neat but never to draw attention to themselves.What appeared to be small bats had settled on their eyelids (only at second glance did I realise they were huge fake eyelashes); sequins and talons glittered and the air was heavy with the famous WAG’s own scent — Coleen X. Not being a gal who follows the gee-gees, I was dozy enough to ask: ‘Excuse me, is something happening today? Silk chiffon fluttered at the ankles of willowy ladies with billowing sleeves and sweet cloche hats. Now Ladies Day epitomises a very different culture: the daughters, mother and grandmothers of today want to look sexy. Tattoos were once the badge of the merchant seamen and dockers who helped make the Port of Liverpool boom.Once the chat loading if over, you will be automatically taken into our one of the chat room under guest nick name.You can find allot of other chatters who already chatting and having fun with their friends in the main chat lobby.

Aintree ladies shriek to the sky their gutsy philosophy; that no matter how bloody tough life gets, you shorten your skirt, slap on the lippy and have a laff. I have nothing but fond memories of the great city’s marvellous, unique character.

These flamboyant lasses of all ages totter boldly where Guardian females fear to tread — swigging champagne from miniature bottles and proclaiming proudly that they’re ‘All-Woman’ as they go.

They’re saying they’re as good as anybody — and better than most.

I could swear I heard a pop when Willy’s cock popped out of her throat.

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