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Scenarios will be used to demonstrate how credit is calculated in particular circumstances, and the panel will identify suggested language to best assist the court in achieving the appropriate sentence under §5G1.3.Finally, the panel will discuss application of §5K2.23 (Discharged Terms of Imprisonment).The instructors will discuss the components of an organizational sentencing, including restitution, fines, and terms and conditions of probation.In this session, attendees will use several scenarios to practice applying the Organizational Guidelines in Chapter 8 of the What are the acts the defendant is accountable for in a single defendant case?Part 1 is highly recommended for those new to the categorical approach.Attendees will leave this course with an understanding of the steps necessary to analyze whether a prior conviction may be used as a predicate offense for recidivist enhancements such as career offender and Armed Career Criminal.Topics include assignment of points, determination of sentence length, applicable time frames for counting prior sentences, excluded offense types, and the interplay between criminal history and relevant conduct.

A case law update on this topic is available in your seminar workbook.Participants will work through examples and scenarios to learn special rules for determining loss in commonly occurring fraud offenses, such as those involving credit cards, health care fraud, investment schemes, government benefits programs, and identity theft.Participants will also practice applying the guidelines’ definition of “victim” and related sentencing adjustments.Krista will demystify grouping by giving participants a Decision tree for determining when grouping rules apply and by using scenarios to practice applying those rules.The course will address grouping rules for cases involving a single composite harm, the assignment of units for cases involving separate harms, and cases involving multiple grouping rules.

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